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Things To Know Before Moving The Hague

Things To Know Before Moving The Hague Professional Moving Company 1

It is located within the western part of the Netherlands and at the border of the North Sea, The Things To Know Before Moving The Hague is often described as the capital of justice of the world due to the numerous international courts that are located within The Hague city. It is the capital of the government of the nation and the third-largest city in the nation. The Hague is also a significant UN city, and is home to more than 150 international organizations in addition to numerous EU organizations, multinational corporations and embassies which make it among Europe’s most popular destinations for expats with a distinct international flavor.

Living In The Hague

The Hague, some might say, isn’t a part of the energy and vigor of the capital city, Amsterdam which lies a little further from the east. Instead, it is regarded as a prestigious, conservative and somewhat secluded city. But that doesn’t mean that it’s an unpleasant city to live in. It has plenty of green open space, gorgeous historical structures and a stunning coast, beautiful shopping avenues and an amazingly lively nightlife. There’s something for all lifestyles, from adrenaline addicts who enjoy kitesurfing, to families with children who love picnics and walks in the forest. Although the city has experienced an increase in development in the last few years, with ever new modern buildings appearing, The Hague is still fairly small and has a reliable public transportation system. It’s also very accessible to pedestrians. The accommodations in the city are varied and brimming with personality, and expats can find something that suits their needs and budget.

Living Costs In The Hague

Although living costs are quite affordable in The Hague and are significantly less expensive than Amsterdam as well as other European capitals, some costs like rent remain remarkably expensive. Although The Hague is considered pricey by some, it has an excellent quality of life. There are other ways for expats to lower their costs of living like by choosing to bike around the city instead of taking public transport or driving.

Best Moving Company The Hague

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Most Popular Areas To Live In The Hague

Centrum (meaning “center”) is the center in the center of the city. It is home to everything from shops, cafes, embassies, restaurants and cafes, to major tourist parks and attractions. There are a variety of accommodations available, including luxurious villas, historic buildings as well as modern homes. The prices for rentals are expensive and reflect the location’s appeal and the space available is not as big and parking is an issue. The central district includes a variety of neighborhoods, such as Chinatown, Schilderswijk, Hofkwartier and Noordeinde, Zeeheldenkwartier and Archipelbuurt.


Take a stroll by one of the elaborate gates in the Chinese style and get into Chinatown. Although small, this area is a blend with Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian influences such as acupuncture clinics and food stores to restaurants serving authentic Asian dishes.


Expats who love art and history will be delighted by Schilderswijk in which the streets are named after famous artists and painters. Schilderswijk is ideal for expats seeking an ideal location in which they can experience the bustling international lifestyle, and easily get to the renowned open-air De Haagse Markt to buy fresh local products.

Hofkwartier And Noordeinde

To enjoy a delightful mixture of modern and old and modern, the Hofkwartier along with the Noordeinde areas provide both contemporary shopping experiences and historic treasures. Noordeinde Palace, for example, is among the Dutch royal family’s three palaces that is a must for tourists. Visitors from abroad can also take advantage of window shopping and exploring the exclusive shops and stylish boutiques that line Hoogstraat.

Children And Families In The Hague

Families who live abroad shouldn’t have to be concerned about the quality of their education since the city is home to a variety of top internationally-oriented schools and colleges. Additionally, families will enjoy the entertainment options like fantastic shopping streets, museums, restaurants, and other places to visit.

Climate In The Hague

The climate of the city, as the rest of the Netherlands, is mild due to its position on the coast. This means that winters are warmer than those in inland cities in the summer, and the summers are sunny and warm. The Hague, while not the most sought-after expat destination in the Netherlands, is now attracting increasing numbers of families due to its easy-going lifestyle, top international schools, and a wealth of greenery. Foreigners are likely to remain longer than originally thought.


You’ll have to pay the gemeente fee (city tax) along with taxes on water. While it’s a little confusing it is necessary to find an account with a provider for your fresh water as well as a cost to have your water that is dirty removed. To supply fresh water, Dunea is currently the principal clean water provider and those responsible for the dirty water will be via mail. (This comprises three different bills that will be sent to you by mail.) You should expect to pay around five hundred euros per year for two persons.

Health Insurance

The health insurance plan in the Netherlands costs between 105 and 130 euros per month, based on the health insurance you have and the number of additional service you decide to include. You can, for instance, include dental insurance as well with a small additional cost. It is recommended to purchase an insurance supplement that permits you to visit any hospital, not just certain hospitals. This is important when you are seriously injured because it lets you consult the same doctor in the same hospital your admission was to.


You’ll have to select your energy service. Green firms, like Vandebron and Greenchoice permit you to select the energy sources you want to use. The majority of apartments in the Hague are not equipped with air conditioning, which can save you money during summer, but can be a risk for mosquito bites. Heating costs can be expensive during the winter months, especially when you’re in an older house with windows that are single pane. It can cost you a lot, but it could cost anywhere from forty to 80 euros per month, according to the amount of power we consume.


Are you thinking of Moving The Hague or the Netherlands? Living in The Hague will be the best choice for you due to a range of reasons, but in particular the low cost of living, its central geographical location, and the international community. To make your move to or out of  The Hague, from us you can select from a variety of relocation service, no matter what you’re looking for: residential, long distance movers to move to another region or  Professional Moving Company will be your one stop solution. Ready to get started? We’re an experienced moving company and can head you down the right path. Get a free online moving quote. Have questions? We’re here to help with that, too, so let’s connect. 


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