Wide Range of Services

At Professional Moving Company, we have various types of trucks, moving lifts, moving materials, and specialised movers. That is why we are capable of catering to every moving need. Please contact us directly to plan with you your tailored move! Our moving experts are available for you 24 hours, 7 days a week!

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Private Moving

Are you moving to new home and looking for a reliable company for Private Moving? We are happy to help you out.
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Company Moving

If you are looking to move your company or business. We are happy to help you in a smooth and easy manner.
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Senior Moving

A senior move can come with unique challenges, Specially trained senior move coordinators will be there throughout the process.
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International Moving

We offers a complete array of services specifically designed to assist you when navigating the complexities of an international move.
Studenten Verhuisservices


One of the most difficult parts of any move is Assembly/Disassembly. Our team performs this service with complete safety and care.
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Whether you need help packing and/or unpacking, We offer flexible custom packages fit to both your budget and plans.
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Moving lift

If you are home is located on the upper floor or moving to the upper floor. We will help you transport your belongings safely.
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Student Moving

If you’re a student looking to move, then hire us. We are helping students conveniently and cost-effective plans.
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Expat Moving

Providing Expat Moving throughout the Netherlands. Assistance from beginning to end will assist you during your relocation.
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Piano Moving

Are you searching for an affordable, secure, and reliable piano moving service? Professional Moving Company is here to assist you.