Experience easy relocation with Professional Moving Company – your reliable moving partner in local and long-distance possibilities nationwide. As a moving industry leader, we ensure customers enjoy a stress-free and comfortable moving experience. Rest assured, we have a perfect reputation and plenty of grateful clients to our credit!

Every move is a masterpiece of efficiency and care with a Professional Moving Company. Our accreditation is the result of our constant dedication to quality. We can handle every aspect of your move, from comprehensive packing solutions to individual add-on services. Your move will be more than just successful with us. It will be truly stress-free and perfectly tailored to your needs. Let's make your next move your best move.

Professional Moving Company - Your Trusted Expert Moving Company

Private Moving, Simplified

Hassle-free moving to your new home starts with our personalized residential moving services. Whether you relocate within the Netherlands or elsewhere abroad, we cover the whole spectrum and can manage the move from start to finish. Let us deliver a new experience in household moving.

Corporate Relocations, Streamlined

Boost your office move with our rapid and secure corporate relocation solutions. All our efforts are directed at minimizing downtime – and ensuring that your office can function during the move will be the last of your concerns.

Expat Transitions, Made Easy

Welcome to the Netherlands! Our tailored expat moving service helps to make your transition as easy as possible. We are here to help provide the support you need to start your new chapter.

Moving Lift Services

Are you faced with a tough move? Our specialized moving lift service operates where it counts – facilitating those difficult moves. Now, you can move even the bulkiest items peacefully.

Senior Relocations, Handled With Care

We offer a loving and total moving service for seniors, always focusing on comfort and ease. Our team does our best to approach each senior moving with ultimate sensitivity and care.

Piano Relocations, Tuned to Perfection

Trust our piano moving services to relocate your lovely piano. We are highly dedicated to carrying out your instrument with maximum care and precision, ensuring it arrives in perfect harmony.

Furniture Solutions, Flawlessly Executed

Leave the heavy lifting to us. Our premium furniture disassembly and assembly services promise to handle your beloved pieces with the utmost care every step of the way.

Global Moves, Seamlessly Orchestrated

Our comprehensive moving solutions have covered you from long-distance moves to the excitement of a new international life. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have a knowledgeable partner to guide you through the jet-setting process.

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Swift & Dependable Full-Service Movers in the Netherlands
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Affordable Moving Options
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10+ Years of Moving Expertise
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More than 10 years of moving experience
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Personalized Expat Removal Packages
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Skilled Moving Professionals & Handymen
Moving Company Services
Schematische Tekening van het Verhuisproces - Van Inpakken tot Veilig Laden en Lossen

Secure Your Moving Estimate in Five Simple Steps

Get on the journey to a stress-free relocation with a Professional Moving Company today! Attain your instant, no-obligation moving quote easily with our user-friendly tool. If you are pleased with your estimate, just press send on your decision, and you will surely be one step closer to a hassle-free relocation. Furthermore, you can perfect your move with our exclusive tips for speed and efficiency. Don't wait; make your first step towards a smoother transition today!

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Wide Range of Services

At Professional Moving Company, we have various types of trucks, moving lifts, moving materials, and specialised movers. That is why we are capable of catering to every moving need. Please contact us directly to plan with you your tailored move! Our moving experts are available for you 24 hours, 7 days a week!

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Private Moving

Are you moving to new home and looking for a reliable company for Private Moving? We are happy to help you out.
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Company Moving

If you are looking to move your company or business. We are happy to help you in a smooth and easy manner.
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Senior Moving

A senior move can come with unique challenges, Specially trained senior move coordinators will be there throughout the process.
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International Moving

We offers a complete array of services specifically designed to assist you when navigating the complexities of an international move.
Studenten Verhuisservices


One of the most difficult parts of any move is Assembly/Disassembly. Our team performs this service with complete safety and care.
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Whether you need help packing and/or unpacking, We offer flexible custom packages fit to both your budget and plans.
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Moving lift

If you are home is located on the upper floor or moving to the upper floor. We will help you transport your belongings safely.
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Student Moving

If you’re a student looking to move, then hire us. We are helping students conveniently and cost-effective plans.
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Expat Moving

Providing Expat Moving throughout the Netherlands. Assistance from beginning to end will assist you during your relocation.
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Piano Moving

Are you searching for an affordable, secure, and reliable piano moving service? Professional Moving Company is here to assist you.

Expert Movers: Trusted Across the Netherlands

Take advantage of our professional moving services to easily transition from the busy streets of Amsterdam to the calm canals of Utrecht, the exciting sights of Rotterdam, and the prestigious residences of The Hague.

Navigate with ease through the famous canal-ringed vistas of Amsterdam, or allow us to lead the way through the charming streets of Utrecht. Accept the vibrant heart of Rotterdam while you’re in our care, and take advantage of unmatched service in The Hague’s prestigious locations.

Your move will be handled by experienced, trustworthy people in any Dutch city. Our multilingual movers easily speak English and Dutch and are well-versed with all the area’s nuances. Are you looking for a little bit of home or a certain language skill? Our team of culturally competent professionals ensures your move is as easy and stress-free as possible.

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Discover the Professional Moving Company Advantage for Your Next Move


Are You Prepared for a Stress-Free Move? Here’s How We Are Different:

  1. Local Knowledge, Nationwide Reach: Our local moving specialists are prepared to help you with first-rate services in your neighborhood, whether in Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amsterdam, The Hague, or any other Dutch city.
  2. Two Decades of Reliable Service: Having worked in the moving business for over 20 years, we are experts at smooth relocations.
  3. Customized Moving Experiences: We are aware that every relocation is unique. We provide specialized moving plans to meet your unique requirements.
  4. Transparent Pricing: Your move will stay within budget thanks to our competitive, upfront prices that don’t include unexpected costs.
  5. Reliability at Its Finest: We are the go-to company for a worry-free move because of our dedication to providing on-time, trustworthy moving services.
  6. Premium Moving Supplies: From strong boxes to protective blankets, our top-notch moving supplies will help you safeguard your possessions.
  7. Exclusive Offers: Take advantage of our limited-time promotions to help you relocate more affordably.
  8. Adaptable Storage Options: Do you require storage? Our safe, climate-controlled facilities in The Hague and elsewhere provide the ideal answer.
  9. Expert Movers: We can handle any move thanks to the experience and skill of our crew, which guarantees a seamless transition from beginning to end.
  10. The Calm Transition You Merit: Let go of your worries and relish a move handled with attention to detail and skill by our professionals.

Book With Confidence: Make a confident reservation by choosing a professional moving company for your move to The Hague or any nearby area. We guarantee unmatched value, quality, and peace of mind. Begin your smooth moving process right now by working with us!

Moving Tips for Individuals and Businesses

Smart Moving Tips: Prepare for Your Move Like a Professional Mover
Discover essential moving tips and expert moving advice to ensure a smooth and cost-effective move. Learn how to plan, pack, and execute your relocation with confidence.

Tips to Pack Your Moving Items Safely

  • Tips For Packing Fragile Items For Moving
  • Professionally Handling Artwork For Your Move
  • Preparing your plants for the move
  • How To Pack A Mirror For Moving

Tips To Help you Household Moving

  • Seven Step Guide to Moving Home
  • How To Move A Washer And Dryer
  • Tips To Help You Move With Your Kids
  • Expert Tips For Safely Moving During Pregnancy

Tips to help Businesses and Corporates Move

  • How A Moving & Storage Company Can Benefit You
  • How to Select Best Moving Company in The Hague
  • How Do I Get My Business Moving
  • Expert Tips For Safely Moving During Pregnancy

Meet Your Reliable Mover Company

Professional Moving Company is a reliable moving industry leader in the Netherlands. Our knowledgeable staff has supported several domestic and international relocations, winning praise for our outstanding assistance. Renowned for our low rates and rigorous attention to detail, our happy clients become our most ardent supporters, spreading the word about their pleasant experiences to their social circles.

Our Team: The Backbone of Excellence

With the only goal of providing unmatched moving services at cost-effective pricing, Professional Moving Company was established thanks to the enthusiasm and knowledge of a group of committed movers. The foundation of our business is our team, which combines professionalism and energy. We are incredibly proud of what we do and always aim for perfection, supported by years of practical expertise easing transitions for clients.

A Commitment to Community and Versatility

We go above and beyond standard moving services to create a support network for everyone in our community. Serving a wide range of customers, including families, businesses, students, and expats, we know the particular needs and obstacles that each group has to deal with. Because of our flexible approach, we can guarantee that our services are more than just transactions. Rather, they are specialized solutions meant to advance each individual in our community along their path.

We at Professional Moving Company are partners in your journey towards a fresh start, not just movers.