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Welcome to Professional Moving Company in Amsterdam. We are experts in making your move easy and stress-free. Looking for help with moving in Amsterdam? We're here for you, whether your move is near or far. Our moving services in Amsterdam are reliable and smooth. We promise to take good care of your belongings. Our team is friendly and professional. You can trust us to do a great job. Moving can be a breeze with us. In the end, you'll be happy and relaxed with our work. Choose us for a worry-free move.


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    Choose The Best Moving Company in Amsterdam For Your Next Move

    In search of the best moving company in Amsterdam? You've come to the right place. Our team of professional movers in Amsterdam is committed to delivering an efficient and seamless relocation experience. With quality moving services, we stand out as the preferred choice for those who value quality and professionalism.

    Here is why Professional Moving Company in Amsterdam is your best choice: 

    1. Proven Excellence in Moving in Netherlands and across Europe

      Amsterdam Moving Company stands for professionalism, integrity, and excellence. Our customers are very happy with our movers and moving services, and have given us many positive reviews on Google and Yelp. Our clients talk about how we moved them quickly at very affordable costs, without any issues, and provide very positive feedback about our movers. We are the most trusted moving company in Amsterdam, and we are proud of it.

    2. Complete Moving Solutions Tailored For all Needs

      Looking for a moving company that offers full moving solutions? We are here for you.  For every move, local or long, personal or business, we have got your covered. We offer local and international removals, and our international moving company serves all major countries in Europe and the world. We also offer services like furniture disassembly, and re-assembly to ensure that you can easily move large furniture without any damage. We also move special objects like Piano and training equipments.

    3. Affordable Moving Quotes at Low Prices

      Looking for an affordable moving quote with no hidden fees? Request a free quote from us today! Our prices are budget-friendly, catering to every budget. Our moving quotes are straightforward, ensuring you understand every aspect of the cost upfront. Don't wait – secure your moving quote now for a hassle-free moving experience!

    4. Quality Packing for Safely Furniture Transport

      Professional Moving Company Verhuisbedrijf Amsterdam uses top quality packing and moving materials. Your belongings stay safe and protected in all steps of the move, especially during loading and unloading from our moving trucks. Our moving boxes are strong and spacious. Our moving vans are clean, equipped with all necessary tools and regularly maintained.

    5. Experienced Movers for Quality Service

      Need skilled movers in Amsterdam for your challenging moving scenarios? Our team, composed of highly trained professionals, is adept at handling household items with care. We specialise in navigating complex situations like narrow staircases and bulky items that require careful manoeuvring through doors and hallways. Additionally, our handyman services include full disassembly and reassembly of furniture, including IKEA closets and beds. Book our movers now for a smooth and efficient moving experience in Amsterdam.

      6. Local Knowledge of the Amsterdam Region

      With our roots deeply embedded in Amsterdam, we possess an intimate knowledge of the city, ensuring each move is flawlessly executed in harmony with the local regulations and in coordination with the Amsterdam City Hall.

      Choose Professional Moving Company, standing out from other moving companies in Amsterdam, for an affordable and stress free move.

    Professional Moving Company Amsterdam

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    Planning your move has never been easier! With just a few clicks, you can receive an affordable moving quote tailored to your specific needs. Our transparent pricing ensures you get the best value for your move. Start your hassle-free moving experience now.

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    Explore Our Diverse Amsterdam Moving Services

    Discover the versatility of Professional Moving Company in Amsterdam, where we specialize in a variety of moving services tailored to suit the unique needs of families, businesses, and entrepreneurs. Our approach combines the expertise of professional movers with quality moving materials. With over ten years of experience, affordable moving quotes, and friendly customer service, we are sure that you will be happy with our services. Below, you'll find a detailed list of our moving services, and we eagerly await the opportunity to assist you in your next move.

    1. Family and Individual Moving Services:

      Looking to move your household in Amsterdam? Whether it's across the city or farther away, our family-friendly moving services make the transition smooth and worry-free. We're experts in catering to the unique needs of families and individuals, ensuring a comfortable move to your new home.

    2. Office and Corporate Relocations:

      Amsterdam businesses, big or small, can rely on us for efficient office moves. Our skilled team carefully handles all corporate assets, from desks to high-tech equipment, ensuring everything arrives safely and on time.

    3. Specialized Senior Moving:

      We provide empathetic and tailored moving services for Amsterdam's seniors. Understanding their special needs, our team ensures a comforting and effortless moving experience.

    4. Delicate Items Moving, Including Pianos:

      Need to move a piano or other unique items in Amsterdam? Our skilled movers handle delicate, odd, and valuable items like antiques with the utmost care, ensuring they're transported safely and securely.

    5. Comprehensive Logistics Support:

      In Amsterdam, we offer end-to-end logistics support for your move. From initial planning to final setup, our team works tirelessly to ensure a smooth and efficient moving process.

    6. International Moving Expertise:

      Moving abroad from Amsterdam? Our international moving services are comprehensive, designed to handle every aspect of your overseas relocation with ease and professionalism.

    7. Expat Relocation Services in Amsterdam:

      Expats moving to Amsterdam will find our services perfectly tailored to their needs. We understand the challenges of relocating to a new country and offer dedicated support every step of the way, ensuring a seamless transition into life in Amsterdam. We also help expats with local and international moving needs, and offer reliable moving moving services to our clients. 

    Choose our Amsterdam moving company for diverse solutions, perfectly aligned with your individual moving needs. We're here to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible.

    Need to Know Amsterdam Moving Costs? Discover How to Get Your Free Moving Quote Today!

    Are you planning a move in Amsterdam? Look no further! At Professional Moving Company Amsterdam, we transform the often-stressful moving process into a smooth and seamless experience. Moving Company Amsterdam is committed to excellence, combined with a comprehensive range of moving services, makes us the ideal choice for your next move in Amsterdam.

    What does a move in Amsterdam cost? Discover our prices!

    Are you planning a move in Amsterdam and wondering about the cost? We've got you covered with our transparent and affordable pricing!

    Our Rates:

    • Movers: Just €19/hr per professional mover
    • Moving Vans: Available from €35/hr, perfect for smaller moves
    • Moving Trucks: Starting at €50/hr for spacious and reliable transport

    Estimating Your Move Cost: The total cost can vary depending on the size of your apartment. Here's a quick guide to help you estimate:

    • Small Apartment (up to 50 m²): Expect average costs between €400 and €600, ensuring a seamless move without breaking the bank.
    • Average Apartment (50-100 m²): For more spacious homes, average costs range from €600 to €1,300, offering great value for a hassle-free relocation.

    Act now to secure your move with us in just three simple steps:

    1. Get a Personalized Quote with Our Easy-to-Use Moving Tool: Experience a hassle-free move with our online moving estimator tool. It's designed to provide you with a customized moving quote tailored to your specific needs. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our transparent pricing - no hidden costs, just straightforward and honest rates.
    2. Consult with Our Moving Experts for Any Specific Requirements: Do you have unique moving needs or questions? Our skilled team is ready to assist. Gain insights and advice from our experienced movers who have extensive knowledge of Amsterdam's intricacies.
    3. Book Your Preferred Moving Date Promptly: High-demand dates tend to book up quickly! Ensure you don't miss out on your ideal moving date. Secure your slot now to lock in the date that best suits your schedule.

    Reach out to us today and take the first step towards a smooth moving experience!

    Netherlands Moving Company Amsterdam Serves all Neighbourhoods in Amsterdam

    From Centrum to Zuidoost, we cover all areas in Amsterdam. Reach out to our moving experts to help you plan your next move!

    Amsterdam Neighborhoods We Serve:

    • Amsterdam Centrum: The heart of Amsterdam, perfect for vibrant city life.

    • Amsterdam Noord: Modern and artistic. Great for innovation lovers.

    • Amsterdam Oost: A mix of old and new for dynamic living.

    • Amsterdam West: Trendy cafes and shops. A creative hub.

    • Amsterdam Zuid: Upscale and luxurious. For elegance and style.

    • Amsterdam Zuidoost: Green spaces, urban feel. Culturally rich.

    • Amsterdam Oud-Zuid: Luxurious, with museums and dining. Sophisticated lifestyle.

    • Amsterdam Oud-West: Culturally diverse, trendy eateries. Urban energy.

    • Amsterdam Nieuw-West: Developing area with greenery. Ideal for families and professionals.

    • Amsterdam IJburg: Unique living experience on artificial islands with modern architecture.

    • Amsterdam Bos en Lommer: Up-and-coming, diverse community. Affordable and dynamic.

    • Amsterdam De Pijp: Lively streets, multicultural eateries. Young urbanite favorite.

    • Amsterdam Rivierenbuurt: Peaceful, family-friendly. Spacious apartments near the Amstel River.

    • Amsterdam Jordaan: Charming, historic area with trendy boutiques and rich artistic heritage.

    • Amsterdam Plantagebuurt: Green, spacious, home to Artis Zoo and museums. Tranquil yet central.

    • Amsterdam Westerpark: Creative area around the popular park. Cultural events and green spaces.

    • Amsterdam Oostelijk Havengebied: Modern waterfront living with stunning views. Unique urban lifestyle.

    • Amsterdam Indische Buurt: Lively, multicultural with diverse housing. Appeals to a wide range of residents.

    • Amsterdam Watergraafsmeer: Quiet, green suburb with spacious homes and gardens. Ideal for serene living.

    • Amsterdam Buitenveldert: Near Amsterdamse Bos. Peaceful with easy city center access.

    • Amsterdam De Baarsjes: Emerging neighborhood with a vibrant cultural scene and trendy cafes.

    • Amsterdam Bos en Lommer: Diverse population, affordable housing. Authentic Amsterdam experience.

    Professional Moving Company serves all of Amsterdam. Contact us for any specific neighborhood inquiries. We are one of the best moving companies in Amsterdam, and continue to grow to serve other areas like The Hague, Rotterdam, Den Bosch and Utrecht

    To learn more about Amsterdam and discovery this beautiful city, visit Iamsterdam.

    How to Prepare for Your Move in Amsterdam?

    Planning your move in Amsterdam? Here are some essential tips to ensure a smooth transition. Amsterdam's unique cityscape, characterized by narrow streets and historic buildings, presents specific challenges for moving.

    Firstly, consider the parking situation for the moving truck and lift. Due to the city's busy streets, it's crucial to check and reserve parking spaces in advance. If you need to occupy a larger area or block part of the street, inform the City Hall of Amsterdam at least 7 working days before your move. This step is vital to avoid any last-minute complications.

    Given the old buildings in Amsterdam, many of which have narrow and steep staircases, renting a moving lift might be necessary. This equipment is incredibly helpful for transporting your belongings safely from upper floors. Ensure that your household items are packed using high-quality materials to protect them during the move.

    For large and bulky items like sofas or closets, it's advisable to disassemble them beforehand. This not only makes it easier to move them out of your current home but also aids in maneuvering through Amsterdam's often tight and winding staircases.

    As with any move, it's important to pack your belongings carefully. Use sturdy boxes and secure wrapping materials, especially for fragile items, to prevent damage. Keep an eye on the weight of your boxes to make moving them safer and more manageable.

    If you feel overwhelmed by the process or need expert help, consider reaching out to our professional moving  specialists and advisors. They can offer valuable advice and services tailored to the city's specific moving challenges, ensuring your move is as efficient and stress-free as possible. Let their expertise guide you through the intricacies of moving in Amsterdam, from packing to navigating the unique urban layout.