About Us – Professional Moving Company

Welcome to Professional Moving Company, where our founder’s journey in the moving industry laid the groundwork for our establishment. Beginning as a dedicated mover, he climbed the ranks through sheer hard work and a deep understanding of the industry. His insights, gained from a young age, were pivotal in founding our company with a guiding principle: providing top-tier moving services at affordable prices. We aim to make high-quality moving accessible to all, including families, students, and individuals.

As we grew, our expertise expanded beyond the household market. We’ve gained the experience and capability to serve a wide array of clients, including offices, companies, restaurants, bakeries, and even banks and IT companies. Our fleet, now encompassing moving trucks, lifts, vans, and smaller trucks, reflects our commitment to catering to diverse moving needs efficiently and effectively.

Our story began in The Hague, serving the local community and diplomatic embassies. This initial focus paved the way for our expansion throughout the South Holland region, reaching into cities like Rotterdam, Delft, Wassenaar, Pijnacker, and beyond. Our growth trajectory continued as we extended our services to North Holland, including Amsterdam and Utrecht, and further to Tilburg, Den Bosch, Eindhoven, and Maastricht.

Marking a significant milestone in our journey, we ventured into international territories, now serving clients in Belgium, France, the UK, and Germany. This expansion was bolstered by the acquisition of a large, versatile fleet, enabling us to meet the intricate demands of international relocations.

What distinguishes Professional Moving Company is our unwavering commitment to quality and affordability. We utilize only the finest moving materials to guarantee the safety and security of your belongings. Our team, comprised of experienced and friendly movers, is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and hassle-free moving experience for every client.

From our humble beginnings to our broad international presence, Professional Moving Company has remained steadfast in its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re moving locally or across borders, we are here to facilitate a seamless transition, underpinned by our legacy of trust and professionalism.

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