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Tips For Moving During Winter

Tips For Moving During Winter

The winter weather isn’t always the most perfect time for moving, however it could be an ideal time to move in some ways. Moving can be stressful but it’s more difficult when you need are moving during winter. From the snow that covers the ground to bitterly cold temperatures, moving in the winter brings many challenges.

Tips For Moving During Winter

Winter is generally the quietest time to be moving, which means you’ll have a much easier time hiring movers and finding Moving lift for your move, and can be less expensive than moving during the summertime. This can help you move more easily. However, there are certain things to take into consideration before making your move during winter.

Start Packing Well In Advance

Do not wait until moving day to begin packing your possessions. The earlier you begin the more straightforward it is for everyone. A moving company such as the Professional Moving Company is an excellent solution. For your move all over the Netherlands. We’ll be at your residence prior to the move, so that we can begin packing your belongings at your own schedule. Once we’ve finished packing, we’ll pick it up and transport the container to your new residence for you to unload it.

Make Sure Your Belongings Are Protected

When packing your belongings be sure to keep certain items safe from frigid cold. Items that break, such as glass and dishware are especially susceptible to temperature fluctuations and may fracture or crack if temperatures change too fast. Double wrapping everything in thick blankets will help facilitate the transition from the warmth of your home to the frigidity of the container. It is possible to think about placing these items in your container at the end before unloading them so that they are not exposed to extreme freezing. An alternative is to put these items inside your vehicle instead of putting them in the container for moving. Electronics are another thing to be placed inside your vehicle, as they are susceptible to being affected by cold. Make sure you wait until you’re ready to leave to load these items in order to ensure that they remain in the best possible condition.

Prepare Your Home For The Move

Before beginning loading your items into your vehicle, truck or container for storage, make sure you create an atmosphere that is secure. Conditions in winter could make moving more hazardous than it is in spring, summer or autumn. Before loading anything in your vehicle, truck or storage containers, you must take the time to ensure you have a safe setting. Remove any snow that has fallen and make sure you create an open path for the removal of large furniture away from your home. Also, make sure your walkways are clear of ice. Utilizing a deicer or anti-icer on your steps or walkways is a great option. The most important thing you do not want to do is to fall and slip, injuring yourself or breaking objects that are fragile. You may also think about building shelters along exposed areas. Tents for large parties and tarps provide excellent protection of rain. However, in the event of snow, ensure that you make use of something that can handle the weight, or is angled to allow you to allow the snow to slide off. Inside your home, cover it with sheets of plastic to protect your flooring. The movers and you are likely to be inside and out of your house frequently, taking through snow, moisture and dirt. Therefore, you’ll need to shield your floors from spills, scratches or the need to do a lot of washing. There are plenty of things to think about on the day of your move cleaning mud off your carpets following the move out should not be one of the things on your list. In the event that you’re planning to use a container for shipping to move your belongings. It is also recommended to install plastic sheeting inside the container, too. If the box is to be kept for any time prior to moving to your new residence it is crucial that there’s no moisture in the box once it’s shut.

Hire Professional Movers

Moving during winter is significantly more challenging than summer, and it could be better to hire a professional to help load and unload your possessions. They’ll have more experience in winter moving than you and will be better prepared to handle the obstacles that may arise. Express your appreciation to them for your hard work, cook the perfect cup of coffee, hot cocoa and apple cider to keep them warm when they’re ready to take breaks. It’s a fact that they’ll appreciate the opportunity to warm them up when they need to take a break. It is recommended to pay more than you normally would in a summer move.

Be Prepared To Be Flexible

Weather can change during winter. It’s sunny one day and dropping snow or rain the next day. Additionally, you could be faced with weather conditions like hail, wind or other weather conditions. In the days before your move, keep a watch on forecasts and possible conditions. If you’re experiencing a major storm threatening to hit the day you’re planning to relocate, then you might need to notify your movers and request a change to the time. It may not be feasible for you, but given their less work load in winter, it shouldn’t be any issue for the seller. They aren’t looking to be out in the snow more than you!

Get A Portable Storage Container

Benefit of the use of containers for storage that can be carried around during winter is that you don’t need to fret about a large move you’re pulling behind your vehicle in bad weather or poor road conditions. If you decide to move with Professional Moving Company they’ll take you into your new residence comfortably. When it’s a move across the city or across the country, you can be at ease knowing that your belongings will be safe. The containers we provide are weatherproof, therefore, no matter how sloppy or muddy roads change, your possessions will be safe. Let us take care of the driving and it’s an easy thing to think about when you move!

Prepare Your Car For A Long Distance Move

If you’re planning to move a significant distance, you should have your vehicle cleaned prior to moving to ensure that everything is operating smoothly. If anything should occur, you should bring warm coats, leather jackets, blankets, gloves and hats in your car, not with all your other things in the truck or container for moving. Don’t want to end up trapped at roadsides with no warm clothes. Make sure you have everything else you’ll require in this cold weather, like chains for your tires and ice scrapers to be ready for any situation that could happen traveling. It’s better to be prepared than not to ensure you’re ready for any eventuality.

Make Sure Your New Home Is Set Up

Make sure all walkways are clean and free of ice and apply protection for your floors prior to when you begin the process of moving items into your new house. As it is dark sooner in winter you must consider the best time to take your belongings out of storage. If you’re moving using containers for storage that are portable Find out the time it will take to deliver it to your new residence. When it’s later, you might decide to put your possessions in the container overnight instead of attempting to take them out immediately. This way, you’ll be able to begin again in the morning when you’re able to get plenty of sunlight. If you must unload during the night in darkness, ensure that you test the lighting on your exterior prior to your departure to ensure that they’re functioning. Headlamps or hanging lights are alternatives to illuminate your way to a safer after-dark travel! This might seem like a straightforward task however, you’ll need to make sure the power is on in your new residence the day you are about to unpack!

Driving On Roads That Are Clear

When driving in snow or severe weather can take longer than driving on roads that are clear. Therefore, you should allow additional time to reach your destination. If moving crews will be waiting for you at the new location to take your stuff away, be sure to keep in touch with the driver, so they’ll know of any scheduling changes that occur. Make your plans ahead of time Be prepared to alter your route at any time. Schedules for snowplows aren’t always reliable, and so you might find that your preferred route is not available. Smartphones nowadays have maps that can adjust your route in the event of any traffic issues that could delay your travel.


Moving during winter isn’t an easy task However, with the right preparation and attention the stress you feel can be reduced. Professional Moving Company can help take some of the stress off of you by offering moving services with a luxury feel at a cost-effective price during the process of moving. Let us help make your winter move feel better! Call us at +31 618225041 or Use our moving tool to get an immediate & free moving estimate without any obligations.

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