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How To Pack A Mirror For Moving

Pack Mirror For Move

Pack A Mirror For Moving is often among the most difficult things to move when you are moving houses. They’re heavy, large as well as extremely delicate. However, knowing how to move a mirror isn’t as difficult as appears. There are easy steps you can follow to transport and pack your mirror.

Step 1. Preparing Your Mirror

The first step is to cut 2 pieces of cardstock into dimensions and attach them to the back and front of the mirror. After that, you can place the mirror on a huge piece of packing paper. Cover the mirror completely with the packing paper like the mirror was wrapped as a present. Wrap the whole object in a security blanket of bubble wrap. Make sure that each square inch is completely covered. After wrapping your mirror according to your preference, grab the packing paper and crumple it up to put a layer of padding at the bottom of the mirror box. Then, gently slide the wrapped mirror into the frame, and the empty spaces will be filled with crumpled packing papers. Make sure there are no spaces that are not filled because this could cause the mirror to move when it travels and may break. When you’re satisfied with the box with the size of the box, you can tape it up. Lift it up, and then gently shake the box to check whether anything shifts around. In the event that it is, then open the box and then add padding.

Step 2. Moving Your Mirror

When you are packing your mirror to be moved, it is best to choose a secure place to set it up. Many experts in moving to recommend the kitchen table since it’s simpler to move with a higher surface. If you have children and are worried about the mirror being hit by a table, you might want to consider moving it to a room that is closed off like the bedroom. Before wrapping your mirror, grab some painter’s tape and apply the large “X” on the entire face of your mirror, from the corner. You can also create an outline of the front of the mirror. Tape placed across the front of your mirror will aid in keeping broken pieces in place in the event that your mirror is damaged during travel. When your mirror is sharp 90-degree edges then you should take some cardboard and make corner protectors prevent them from getting damaged.

Step 3. Label The Mirror

No matter what method of packing you choose to use to pack your mirror make sure to label the mirror. The word “FRAGILE” should be written in large fonts at both ends of your mirror, to make sure that the item gets extra focus.

Step 4: Guard The Corners

When the mirror has been placed in frames, there is no need to take action to shield the corners. If, however, the mirror doesn’t have frames, it is recommended to buy cardboard or rubber corner protectors from a frame store or a Professional Moving Company. You can make a cut and then tape it together to match the corner angles of glass that are 90 degrees.

Step 5: Define An Area To Pack

Before you begin to learn how to pack and transport mirrors, your first step is setting an appropriate packing space. Set up a table sufficient in sizes, such as that in your living room, or dining room. Put a heavy blanket (or several smaller ones) over the table to act as a cushion for the packing process. Then you can place the stack of brown, thick paper on top of the table. The place you’ve created will help speed up the process of packing while keeping everything safe. Once you’ve packed your mirror to its full length and table, make use of that place to store other household items that are fragile like large photo frames dishes, kitchen plates glasses, and more.

Step 6: Load The Mirror Correctly

Don’t lay your mirror on the floor while loading a truck. Instead, place it in between the boxes in order to keep it in place. Be sure that the boxes aren’t close enough so that they don’t touch the mirror when moving which could cause them to break.

Step 5: Utilize Styrofoam As Well As Cushion Foam Sheets

Foam is a highly effective material to pack mirrors. The front and back of your mirror use 14-inch thickness Styrofoam or cushion foam sheets. Lay your cardboard pieces cut to size on top of the foam, and secure them by using packing tape.

Step 7: Insert The mirror Into The Mirror’s Packing Box

It’s now time to move the mirror that is protected into the box for packing mirrors. Place the wrapped-up mirror in the half-mirror carton. Then, adjust the sides to ensure they’re tightly fitted to the frame of the mirror. If required, add padding materials like bubble wrap or lightly wadded packing papers to fill in any gaps. Then, you can use just one or two pieces of tape to seal the first portion of the final bundle. Do not use packing peanuts as padding as they could move and expose pieces of the item as they are fragile. Peanuts are great for protecting other breakables for instance when packing an item like a chandelier to be moved. Place the second, interconnected bubble-wrapped but untaped section starting from the top. The two pieces should be joined at the center, then make sure the top one is an ideal fit. You can also make sure to add padding material if required.


Moving to a different location is always fun however the problem is when you must take everything with you, including fragile items such as mirrors. Before packing your mirror, make use of packing tape and draw the huge “X” over the mirror. If you make a mistake, you could easily break the whole mirror apart. But if you utilize your thinking skills and carefully package the mirror in a safe manner for transport and shipping, you will be able to ship the mirror without issue. If you’re planning to relocate to a different location soon or run an online store that sells mirrors, this article will help you decide on the most efficient method to transport an enormous mirror across the town. Picking the right service to assist you with your move your household can seem like a task that’s more challenging than others. If you’ve read these questions to ask from moving Companies and are eager to find movers who are professional to make your move easier. Is it time to get started? We’re a professional moving service and can guide you on the right track. Get a no-cost online quote for moving. Have questions? We’re here for this, too. So we’ll be in touch.

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