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How To Move A Washer And Dryer

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Are you planning To Move A Washer And Dryer with you on the day you relocate? We hope that you’re ready to do some lifting. In light of the fact that some dryers and washers weigh up to 200 pounds and more, we strongly recommend hiring experts to manage the move and removal. Additionally, moving washers and dryers usually requires certain security precautions (think that you might have to shut off gas lines). Therefore, for the sake of safety hiring a professional might be worth it for moving a washer and dryer. If hiring movers is not an option, consider hiring a couple of friends to assist in carrying and moving the load. For more details on safely moving a dryer and washer to a new residence take a look at our suggestions and step-by-step instructions below.

How to Prepare Yourself

Moving large objects requires planning. Be sure to be equipped with the correct assistance, supplies for moving, and equipment prior to starting moving. What you’ll need.

Find Assistance

A well-organized team helps everything go smoothly. You can ask a family member or neighbor or friend to be in the know prior. They should be healthy enough to be able to hold heavy objects. Be sure to remind them to wear comfortable footwear and appropriate clothing suitable for the conditions. If you’re unable to locate anyone hiring workers-only Professional Moving Company to do the work for you.

Find The Equipment You Need.

Dolly trucks that are heavy-duty are essential for a huge project such as this. You can lease or purchase an appliance dolly at stores such as Lowe’s as well as Home Depot. Professional Moving companies for moving trucks such as Budget or U-Haul offer appliance dollies and straps for moving to hire.

How To Clean Dryer

The dryer is a lot easier to wash as compared to the washing machine. To clean the dryer, take off the lint tray. Use a brush to scrub out any lint trapped inside.

How To Get A Clean Washing Machine

Cleaning your washing machine is quite simple and essential. Consider doing this cleaning at least once per month. If you’re a regular user, and maybe a few every year, you should consider doing it. Maintaining it means it will last longer. In addition, it allows you to remove stinky smells that result from an accumulation of soap and softener. In addition, it ensures that you will get a higher-quality wash.

Make Use Of The Right Tools And Be Secure

Whatever you use your appliances for be sure to use the appropriate tools. It is important to secure doors by either securing them with tapes to the sides or wrapping the entire unit in a stretch foil. You can also use blister packs too. Use pliers with proper sizes, wrenches, and screwdrivers to avoid damaging bolts and screws. You’ll also require moving straps and a dolly in order to move and lift the item safely. Additionally, you should protect yourself well with rubber or leather gloves. They’ll ensure your skin is safe and help avoid slippery situations when you move.

Clean Your Washing Machine Out And Completely Clean The Inside

The most efficient method of cleaning your device is by running a clean wash in the warmest setting. Replace the regular detergent and powder using a cleansing agent such as white vinegar or bleach. This will guarantee thorough cleaning. After the cycle has been completed close the hatch and lets your machine air dry for at least 24 hours.

Maneuver Your Machine Onto A Trolley

After your bolts are secure You’re now in the position to relocate your washer. It’s a good idea to give the machine a quick wipe-down before putting on some protective wrapping. In the event that you’re using professional washing machine movers, they’ll have the proper packaging materials available. If not, bubble wrap should work. If you’re planning to move the washing machine, like with all large appliances it is highly recommended that you be part of a team. If you’re planning to relocate without a professional group of removalists, make sure you have a buddy or moving aid to assist in the course of your move. Once you’re ready Begin by moving it away from your wall. Once you’ve got enough room to do so, slowly tip the washer backward until you’re able to place your trolley under. When you’re done, secure the machine to provide extra security on the trek to your vehicle for moving.

How Do You Drain A Washing Machine To Moving

Then, run a wash with water only through your machine to get rid of any accumulated detergent. After this rinse is completed allow your machine to remain for a minimum of 24 hours to dry. Find the valves on the back of the washer and shut off the water. After the water has been shut off, you will be in a position to disconnect the hoses that connect the appliance to the wall. To remove any water left in the washing machine, you need to tilt the machine a bit and then take out any remaining water into the bucket.

Make The Washer And Dryer Ready For Moving

To prevent the dryer and washer from being damaged throughout the moving process, and to prevent them from opening the door, it is recommended to put moving blankets on the exterior of the dryer and washer and then wrap the machine with plastic wrap. Apply tape to the wrap to keep it from shifting throughout the process. This will also help keep any cables or pipes at a safe distance and out of the way.


If your dryer and washer are stacked and you have to move them. There are some things you must take care of. First, remove the water supply and power lines. Then, you can make use of a dolly to move the dryer. Make sure you fix the door to the dryer so it isn’t opened during the process of moving. Also, you can employ a dolly for moving the washer. Make sure to fix the lid on the washer so it does not be able to open during the move. Back up your data, clear of batteries and cartridges. Use packaging materials as well as label the containers. This will allow your office to move easily. If you are concerned about how to pack your electronic devices make sure you speak with an experienced professional in office moving like Professional Moving Company to help. They’ll be able to give you further suggestions and assistance.

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