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The Best Time to Plan Your Long Distance Move

The Best Time to Plan Your Long Distance Move - Moving Company

Whether you’re moving across the country or just a few hundred miles, you’ll need some great long-distance moving tips to make it work. Whether you’re moving for the first time or moving into a new home, you won’t miss a beat from the moment you find out you’re moving.

Is It A Good Time To Move?

When it comes to choosing the best time to move, there are many factors to consider. As an example, you have to consider things such as your kids, your school, the weather, and your housing. You will find everything you need to know below so you can finally set a moving date.

When Is The Moving Season At Its Peak?

During peak moving season, movers’ prices are at their highest, as everyone is moving. You may be wondering what this mysterious time of year is! The summer season lasts three months (June, July, and August).

What Are The Months Of Moving Season?

While summer is the peak moving season, it’s not the only one. Most people move between the beginning of April and the end of September, towards the end of October.

Choosing The Right Day To Move

Short-distance moves are most successful between Monday and Thursday. As fewer people move during that time, it can be simpler to schedule and more affordable. The right time to move out of state is on Friday. The movers will have the weekend to finish up and get you all into your new home before the next workweek starts. 

Choosing The Right Time To Move

The best time to move is early morning. During summertime, for example, you and your movers can avoid the heat by beginning early. After you wake up, moving can also help you get done faster, allowing you to spend the rest of the day organizing your brand-new home instead of unloading boxes. Moving at night can be very helpful if you are a night owl and can’t move in the morning. Make sure you know how much you’ll need to budget for by asking your movers for an estimate. 

Summer Is The Season For Moving, So Why Is That?

In the fall, college students will return home. There are also families who relocate so that their kids don’t have to miss school. The best time to plan your long-distance move season will be busy for both of these groups in 2022 and beyond. It’s also helpful to remember that summer has some of the prettiest weather of the year (or at least there is no snow or ice!). This makes moving across the country safer, especially if you’re moving across the country. There is another reason that summer is such a popular time of year to relocate: most apartments open up during that time. It can make it easier to find a place to live in a new city if you’re looking to rent an apartment. 

Moving Tips For The Middle Of The Moving Season.

As we mentioned previously, summer is the peak moving season. If you follow these simple tips, your relocation will be much less stressful and more affordable: 

Plan Your Move For Early In The Morning.

It’s smart to move in the morning to save money. Be sure to have your coffee ready, and plan your move for the morning. You can beat the heat and get your things on the road faster with it. If you plan your move correctly, you might be the movers’ first job of the best time to plan your long-distance move, which means they’ll probably get you out of there faster.

Stay Away From Weekends In The Middle Of The Month. 

Long-distance moves are typically easier on Fridays, but cheaper on Mondays through Thursdays. If you really want to save money, schedule your move for the middle of the month. 

If You Need Packing Supplies, Ask Around.

You can save money on your move by borrowing packing supplies from a friend, family member, neighbour, or coworker. You probably know someone who moved recently (or knows someone who moved), which means they have a garage full of moving boxes. Ask your connections if they have any packing supplies before you buy them. Pack your things only if they are in excellent condition!

Pack Your House Before The Movers Arrive.

It is not true that all movers offer packing services. If you want to speed up the moving process, make sure everything is packed in boxes and ready when the movers arrive. As a result, they can spend more time loading the moving truck instead of waiting for you to tape up the last-minute boxes. 

Immediately Secure Your Moving Date.

During the summer, movers are so in demand that you may not be able to keep your target moving date. Is there anything you can do? As soon as you know you’re moving and find out when your upcoming lease begins, book your move as soon as possible. This will ensure that you get your first pick of relocation dates. 

Is A Weekday Or Weekend Better For Moving?

Don’t worry if you’re slammed during the week and can only move over the weekend. Weekend moves are nothing new to movers, so they are happy to assist you. Since most people prefer a weekend move due to work, school, and extracurricular activities for kids, it is generally more affordable to move during the week. Are you looking for the lowest moving rate? Choose Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. There are several days that would make the best time to plan your long-distance move most suitable time to move. You can use that money to buy new furniture, home decorations, school clothes, security deposits, pet deposits, etc. 

Do You Need Help Moving?

A professional moving company is at your service. As reliable local and long-distance movers, we can assist you with loading, unloading, delivering, and much more. Including finding the right time to move, we can help you coordinate your move from beginning to end.


Professional Moving Company is experienced in relocation and provides top-quality services at an affordable price. Additionally, we are insured and licensed which means you can rest sure that your belongings are secure. The process of choosing a service to assist with the move might feel like something that’s more challenging than others. If you’re eager to find a dependable, reliable mover to make your life easier on moving day. You are ready to get started? We’re a professional moving company that can guide you on the right track. Get a no-cost online moving quote. Have questions? We’re here to assist you with this, too. So get in touch.

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