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How to Move House Plants

Best Tips How to Move House Plants to Your New Home

Move House Plants

A house plant is a lovely addition to any home’s decor, bringing life and greenery into corners of the bedroom, living room, or home office. A house feels like a home when it has plants. When you’ve spent months or years caring for your plants, it can be difficult to think about leaving them behind. The good news is that plants can be relocated if you plan ahead. Moving small plants is the easiest because you can keep them in their pots and transport them in an open box. If you are transporting your plants, fill in the gaps in the box with paper so they don’t shift around too much. During the how to move house plants, you can also try to regulate the temperature and keep the plants happy by doing this. You may need to trim or prune large houseplants before moving them. On moving day, wrap your plants in newspaper first to protect them and keep them warm. Since many plants are sensitive to temperature changes, it’s important to keep them as stable as possible.

Pack Your Plants In Open Boxes If You’re Moving Across Town.

Be sure to cushion the sides of the pots with newspaper. Then put the plants in the car and head to your dream house.

Wrapped In Plastic And Tied With String or Tape

Each pot should be wrapped in plastic and tied with string or tape. By doing this, you won’t lose all the potting mix and won’t make a mess in the car.

During The Winter, Wrap Plants In Newspaper Before Loading Them.

It will only take a few seconds for them to become injured by extreme cold. Load your plants while your car is in the garage if your garage is attached to your house.

Plants Are Tricky To Transport In A Car When Traveling Long Distances.

When you stop for several overnight stays along the way, it can be especially challenging. Do your best not to let your plants get too hot or too cold if you insist on doing so. For longer periods of time, leave the windows of the car open slightly and make sure they drink enough water.

It Is Possible To Ship Plants By Air Or By Land.

There are no guarantees with shipping, however, and costs can be high. You can now move house plants or some of your favourite plants however you like. Then, sell the rest of your plants and use the money to buy new plants for your dream home.    

Before You Move, Prepare Your Plants

Get rid of dead leaves by pruning your houseplants. Report large plants in lightweight plastic pots to save your back.

Organize Small Plants In Open Boxes

Putting small potted plants in open boxes and placing them in the back seat of your car is the easiest way how to move house plants locally. Newspaper or bubble wrap can cushion the spaces between each pot. Make sure your plants are loaded last and unloaded first when you arrive at your dream home.

Make Sure Large Plants Are Properly Prepared

When packing large palms, trees, or other plants in the car, make sure to pack sphagnum moss tightly at the top. Wrap the pot in plastic, covering the sphagnum moss up to the stem. Tape or string the plastic to the plant, and then load it on its side into your car. Making sure you prepare properly will prevent you from losing all the potting mix and creating a mess.

Check The Soil Moisture & Temperature

Cold weather can be harmful to house plants, particularly tropical ones—wrap plants in newspaper before storing them for the winter. To reduce exposure to the cold, park your car in a garage and load the plants there. A few days before moving, water your plants one last time to avoid too much moisture in the soil. Houseplants can also suffer from hot weather. Keeping vegetation comfortable is difficult even in an air-conditioned car. Before and during the journey, make sure each plant has enough water. Keep your plants inside when you stop for a long time if possible. Keep the windows rolled down if you must leave your plants in the car for more than an hour.

Constraints Of Long-distance Travel

Long-distance moves may require inspection by the Department of Agriculture. Certain house plants may not be allowed to be transported due to state pest control efforts and local restrictions on growing particular vegetation. Plants transported over 150 miles may even require a special permit. Whenever in doubt, ask your mover.


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