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Tips For Packing Fragile Items For Moving

Tips To Pack Fragile Items For Moving | Professional Moving Company

If you’re planning to relocate We understand how stressful it could be. From preparing the proper supplies to tracking your timeline for moving, the packing process and the moving process can become tedious and stressful. Every little detail needs to be meticulously accounted for to ensure that your move runs smoothly. The packing process should not be overly rushed as it will safeguard your precious and fragile items from getting damaged during the move. If you’re seeking advice regarding the best method to pack your delicate things, continue reading Tips for Packing Fragile Items For Moving provided by experts.

Put Heavier Things On The Bottom Of The Box

If you’re out grocery shopping and you don’t want to put an egg carton under dog food. The same principle applies to packing. When you are putting all your containers together it is recommended to put heavier items on the bottom, while placing smaller, less fragile items on top. Similar principles apply when loading your truck for moving.

Mark Boxes For Fragile

If you’re packing delicate objects, it is important to mark the box as being fragile. Instead of writing just on one side or at the front of your box you’ll need to cover all your bases. Make sure you write on all sides and in large fonts so it’s obvious to everyone that the box should not be dropped, smashed, or handled in a rough manner.

If you don’t have a red or black sharpie you should consider purchasing one to make your “fragile” label stand out. It is also possible to purchase another type of tape like pink or red to draw attention to the boxes.

Make Use Of The Correct Materials When The Packing Fragile Items For Moving

What to do when packing delicate things begins with identifying the appropriate items. The different types of fragile objects mean that you’ll require different materials to properly pack them. For instance, electronics will require different packing methods as you would for fine glassware or china crockery.

Here are some essential items to have in your kit:

Bubble wrap: 

Wrap your objects in the bubble wrap, and then attach it using packing tape. Bubble wrap is available in a variety of sizes, so you need to select the appropriate size.

Packing peanuts

This substance can be used to fill in empty space in boxes. These peanuts are designed to protect from shocks and vibrations within the box. It will help safeguard the items in the box.

Furniture pads:

The pads for furniture as well as padding inserts can protect the more fragile objects like glassware and furniture. They also help ensure that your belongings are in the proper spot.


Packaging paper is a quick and cost-effective method of packing your glassware as well as other important items. Be aware that many people will choose to make use of newspapers as a substitute for packing paper, however it could leave marks on the items.

Put Your Fragile Items Safely As Possible

Fragile items like bowls and plates can be placed together to decrease the risk of being damaged. Start by putting a sturdy piece of cardboard near the top of the container. Next, use packing paper or bubble wrap and arrange it on top of each bowl or plate. 

Place Glass And Ceramics In Small Boxes

Smaller boxes for items that are fragile are a great way of protecting vases, plates, china cups, china dishes, or other glassware safe. Make sure to wrap each piece in bubble wrap before putting it into the small container. The more tightly you put each item in the package, the better space there is room for the objects to move in transit.

Wrap The Items And Add Protection

Be sure you’ve wrapped all of your delicate items with tissue paper, bubble wrap or packing paper, depending on the kind of item. It is also possible to use blankets and towels to wrap things like televisions and other works of art. To make sure you are safe you can make use of the bungee cords or tape to hold the towels or blankets to larger items to ensure they won’t fall off during the moving process.

After the items have been wrapped, it is important to leave enough space between them to insert cardboard separators. Fill in any space with Styrofoam or packing peanuts to limit the possibility of damage. Be aware that if you don’t intend to wrap things on your own You can employ a company that provides packing services.

Pack Tvs And Monitors Into The Original Boxes

If you have original boxes that you used for your laptop, televisions, and other electronic equipment Now is the perfect moment to utilize them. The original boxes can aid in keeping your electronics secure during the move. If you don’t have boxes, begin by taking out the cables and covering them with the bubble wrap. Be sure to mark each grouping so that you don’t forget the location of each grouping when you begin the process of reassembling.

Every screen should be wrapped in bubble wrap since it is the largest and most delicate component. Make sure to wrap the bubble wrap around an extra thick blanket or towel and secure it to the screen using cord or rope.

Bulky Furniture

If you own massive, bulky furniture ensure you remove it from the furniture prior to moving. This will allow you to carry the pieces across the door frame , and then on and off the truck. After you’ve broken the pieces into small ones, you can carefully wrap each piece with Bubble wrap before securing with packing tape.

If you have to carry a mirror to move, you’ll need to attach a substantial piece of cardboard between the layers that are between by putting a layer from bubble wrap within. The same method can be used for packing delicate paintings and other artwork. If you can, try to keep the items in a straight position while moving.


The process of packing fragile items for moving can seem intimidating However, with the above guidelines and tips it’s not as overwhelming as it may look. If you’re in need of professional assistance when packing fragile items for moving. Our staff of experts at Professional Moving Company is here to assist! We’ve successfully carried out a variety of relocations in the Netherlands region, and we always treat the belongings of our customers as if they were our belongings. We offer reasonable pricing that doesn’t affect your budget, and we are proud of our outstanding customer service.

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