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Guide For You Before Moving To Amsterdam

Moving to Amsterdam

Amsterdam offers a more peaceful, safe, and family-friendly lifestyle than you can think. This is especially true in areas far from tourist hot spots. Although living in Amsterdam is less expensive than in other European capitals, you can expect to pay a lot more for the essentials. Here is a guide and important things you should consider before moving to Amsterdam.

Basic Costs Of Life

Amsterdam’s cost of living is very affordable, especially when you consider the average income. The monthly cost of living for a single person is approximately 1000 dollars, without rent. Basic utilities such as water, electricity, and garbage cost around 200 dollars for an 85m2 apartment.

Housing Is A Bit Expensive

Housing prices are often more expensive than the basic living costs especially if you’re from abroad. This is because a large portion of the city’s housing market offers social housing to residents, which is not accessible to expats. It’s difficult to find furnished apartments in the city. Those that are available often get snapped up immediately.

Prices are rising in the Dutch capital, which is a very popular area to live. A one-bedroom apartment rents for around 1,700 dollars per month. A three-bedroom apartment costs around 2,000 dollars to 3,000 dollars per month. You should budget around 8,500 per square meter for those who want to purchase an apartment in the middle of the city.

Healthcare In Netherlands

No matter where you live, private insurance is mandatory for all. You cannot access healthcare in the Netherlands if you don’t have health insurance. The state does not provide care for chronic diseases.

The government regulates a standard insurance package. It also regulates its components to ensure that all providers offer the same coverage. Most medications, hospital care, general practitioner care and dental care up until 18 years of age are covered. Speech therapies and limited physiotherapy are available for people quitting smoking.

A standard health insurance plan will cost around 110-165 USD (100 to 150 EUR) per month. However, you will need to pay a certain amount to cover the initial costs before your chosen insurance begins paying for your healthcare.

Learn Dutch Before Moving To Amsterdam

Although it is not necessary to learn Dutch, it can be a benefit when you are looking for work. It is a very international city and nearly everyone speaks English. However, knowing the language will be a benefit in the long-term. You can meet new people and improve your social life. It will also be appreciated by the locals. You can also watch the local news by breaking down the language barrier.


Where To Live In Amsterdam

The city began as a fishing community in the 13th century. It has grown to be a vibrant hub for tourism, which has hosted many cultures. It is a wonderful place to live because of its tolerant culture, interesting history, beautiful homes and friendly residents. Each area of the city has its own charm and character. There are many cafes, restaurants and shops in the city.

You should know all the important areas in Amsterdam before you moving to Amsterdam and choose a home for your future.

  • Centrum (Center)
  • Noord (North).
  • West
  • Nieuw-West (New West)
  • Westpoort (Western Port).
  • Zuid (South)
  • Zuidoost, (Southeast).
  • Oost (East)


Surrounding The City

There are many ways to get around and into the city, as it is an international transport hub of high quality. You can reach the city via any of the nine stations by train, plane, or boat. It’s up to the person to decide if they want to move by sea or air.

You can take the tram, bus or metro to reach the capital. A one-way ticket for local transport will run you about 3 dollars, while a monthly pass will run you around 100 dollars. If you are a bus/tram traveler, a one-hour ticket may be purchased from the conductor or driver. Day tickets must be purchased in advance. These tickets can be used across all public transport networks from the time of your first use. This means that you can travel as many times as you like within the given time frame.

Is Life In Amsterdam Safe?

The Dutch capital is consistently ranked among the most safe cities in the world. It was ranked fourth in the Economist’s Safe Cities Index 2021 and 2020 as well as the safest global city. It was ranked sixth in 2017 as well as fifth in 2015.


The Cultural Epicenter

The Dutch capital is known for its amazing attractions, culture, history and food. It’s also home to a vibrant nightlife. Many world-famous museums are located in the Dutch capital, such as the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museums, the Stedelijk Museums, and Rembrandt House Museum.

The Rijksmuseum houses a collection of internationally acclaimed national treasures, including Rembrandt’s famous The Night Watch. The Rembrandt House Museum also has a museum that features the famous Dutch artist.

The Van Gogh Museum is also another great museum in the area. Here you can view the famous impressionist works as well as follow the artist’s evolution over the years. The Stedelijk Museum is the largest Dutch museum for contemporary and modern art.

Moving Amsterdam With Your Pet

If you are moving with your dog you must register your pet at the town hall within two weeks. If you are moving with a cat, the same applies. A veterinarian must sign a health certificate if you plan to bring a pet, such as a fish, rodent, rodent, snake, reptile, amphibian or other animal.

Get Social

Meet people wherever you can. This can make or break your experience in a new city. You can read more about making friends here. But, in general, be open to speaking with people you meet. It’s possible that you don’t get along with everyone. Don’t try to keep friendships up just because you need friends. You also should feel great about the relationships you build!


It’s an exciting adventure to move to Amsterdam. It doesn’t matter if you plan to stay for just a few years or build your entire life here. you can move to Amsterdam and begin to enjoy everything it has to offer. Enjoy delicious local cuisine, amazing architecture, great schools, and friendly people. After you have sorted out all the paperwork before moving to Amsterdam, Be sure all you have to do is choose the Professional Moving Company and get an immediate & free moving estimate without any obligations.

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