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Moving Into An Apartment Without An Elevator

Moving Into An Apartment Without An Elevator

The process of moving into an apartment without an elevator will be a thrilling experience for you, especially when you’ve been in a house until this moment. Moving into an apartment does not have to be more or less like moving to a home. It’s just different. If you’re moving into an apartment it’s likely that you’re dependent on the elevator for getting your possessions and you to your new home. Imagine the surprise when you find yourself moving into an apartment on the upper floor but there’s no elevator.

In order to make sure your move goes without a hitch, even though you’ll be using the stairs We’ve put together some suggestions and tricks for moving into an apartment without an elevator.

Use Moving Straps or a Dolly

Moving Straps or a Dolly is your ideal companion in the process of moving into an apartment without an elevator. This device can be used to transport large furniture up the stairs. You just need to be sure to secure the furniture to cords that bungee to make sure it won’t move. It’s best to have someone help to carry the cart up the stairs. Straps for furniture moving are ideal for lifting large objects up. They’ll take a great deal of weight off of your back with regard to your move without an elevator. A shoulder dolly is a set of straps that are placed over each shoulder, and distribute weight evenly, leaving your arm (or both) free to grasp the furniture piece and unlocked doors.

Reduce The Number Of Things You’re Shifting

Be aware that it’s not really a matter of that the house you’re moving into has never been fitted with an elevator or does have one but is not functioning for any reason. This means that you’ll be unable to access an elevator during the time of the relocation. The good thing is that you’ll be aware beforehand that you’re moving into an apartment without an elevator. Also, since you’re informed of what you can be expecting when you get there, you’ll be able to take action to fix the issue prior to your arrival.

It’s a given that the most effective option for making the move to a walk-up is to bring as little items with you as are able to. It’s not difficult to understand why : the more things you are able to relocate to your new home and the more difficult the job will be when it comes time to move. So, don’t be reluctant to sort through your belongings another time and eliminate those things that are not useful, you decide that they’re damaged or worn out to be worthy of the effort.

Dress Appropriately

It can be exhausting and potentially dangerous to climb through the staircase all day long. Your attire plays an important role in your security and comfort. Be sure that your shoes on the move provide you with stability, traction and ease. Alongside your shoes ensure that you’re not wearing any dangly jewelry, clothes or other accessories that can be stuck, ripped, or pulled.

Move the Heavy Stuff First

Although you might be worried about carrying your steel bed frame up five steps you should start by tackling that first. When you’re done with your move, you’ll be sure to feel exhausted, which makes moving the heavy furniture more challenging than it needs to be. When you’ve made it to your new residence you’ll be delighted that you’ve completed the task.

Measure Furniture And Other Large Items

If you’re moving a piano up a flight of stairs or transporting a couch the task of moving these big items is a challenge. Be sure to prepare yourself for success in assessing your furniture prior the day of your move. The worst thing you could do is to take your favorite chair to the top of the stairs only to discover that it’s too big to go into the apartment’s doorway.

Protect Your Furniture

If the stairs are your only option for transporting your furniture, it is necessary to contend with rough edges, fatigued arms, and squeezes that are tight. To protect your furniture or walls, protect and wrap your furniture using pads, blankets or bubble wrap.

Disassemble Furniture

Making your furniture pieces in advance of the move can make life much simpler. Remove your bigger belongings in the best way you can, especially things with legs and pieces that are in a way that could hit walls, cause damage to doors, or cause damage to furniture as you carry it and move it.

Take Breaks

Moving can be an enormous amount of work both physically and mentally. Take breaks throughout your day and drink plenty of fluids and fuel up with your most loved snacks.

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Stuff

Moving is always a good decision particularly when you’re sure you’ll need to carry everything down the steps. The more things you can eliminate, the less stressful moving will be. Remove things you don’t need anymore or items you don’t require or objects that are old to warrant the effort of hauling them to your new house.

Hire A Professional Moving Company

The best way to stay efficient and remain secure during a relocation especially in the event that you don’t have an elevator is to work with an experienced moving company such as Professional Moving Company. We’re capable of handling the heavy lifting, so you can relax, unwind and enjoy the new space.


We know how difficult moving can be. The excitement of moving into the apartment of your choice could be eclipsed by the stress that comes with it. If you’re moving into an apartment without an elevator, Professional Moving Company can help with your move. We’ve worked on various types of relocations and are confident that we can offer you a hassle-free experience. Are you ready to begin? Contact us today!

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