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Professionally Handling Artwork Moves

Handling artwork moves is no joke! Handling artworks and moving it from one place to another safely is as difficult a thing as essential it is. If you have bought an art piece and moving it to your place or you are an artist wanting to showcase your work at an exhibition, in either case you are someone who has the sense of the worth of an artwork. You are aware of the special care that is needed to handle a painting. Thus, there are certain measure you must take before handling an artwork move.

In moving, things often get damaged bearing the wear and tear of packing, storing and shipping around. But, in case of artworks and paintings you cannot even take the chance of getting a stain on it. A small mark or a tear can damage the art piece beyond repair. Keeping the integrity and the quality of an art intact, in the process of moving is, thus necessary.

Some little measure and precaution can make sure a safe moving. So, here is a guide to help you professionally handle artwork moves:

Handle Artworks with Washed Hands

Carefully washed and cleaned hands is the first and the most important thing on the list of precautions. Wash and dry your hands before handling any of the art piece from your collection lest you want dirt from your hand to damage it. It might not be visible at first but oils and other dirt from your hand can easily destroy the art by making an impression. Even your fingerprint can leave a visible mark while handling artworks.

Hence, to avoid ruining your art with your own hands always make sure to wash and then completely dry your hands before touching the artwork.  Refrain from using any hand lotion or any kind of sanitizer as well to prevent the damage.

Handle Artwork Wearing Gloves like Professionals

If want to be extra cautious in the matter of handling artwork (that you should be), always prefer wearing white gloves instead of using bare hands to give it a more professional feel. How much your hands are cleaned and dried there is always a chance of a damage. To prevent that from happen professional movers always handle artworks wearing white cotton or nitrile gloves.

To ensure a more professional handling of artwork, prioritize wearing gloves. However, bare hands gives you a more firm grip of the art piece. To be more cautious and wearing gloves is a better option.

Avoid Keeping Dangerous Things Close To the Artwork

Placing things like food and drinks specially is the most unprofessional aspect of handling an artwork. Any work of art must be at a safe distance from such items which can easily destroy the integrity of the art. Accident happens so a better option would be to keep things away beforehand rather than regretting it later. Even simple water can completely destroy the art piece so you need to be extra careful in this case.

Other than food and drink, ball points and different pens can also ruin the artwork thus avoid using pens near art piece like paintings and historical documents. A single mark is enough to destroy a piece of art worth million. So be careful.

Dress Appropriately

To be highly professional in handling artwork you must even consider wearing specific clothes and avoid wearing any jewelry. If you have noticed professional movers always wear a dungaree that is as fitted at the ends of sleeves with elastic because loosened sleeves and clothes can stuck in an object you don’t want to imagine the consequences.

Similarly jewelry, wrist watch, rings or bracelets can easily harm the artwork, so avoid wearing any such items while handling valuable artworks which can easily leave scratch or can stuck in objects. Therefore, dressing appropriately is quite an essential part of professionally handling artworks.

Know the Medium of the Artwork

The most necessary thing to in handling artwork is to be aware of the medium and specification of the art piece you are handling. Different mediums require special ways to handle them properly thus knowing the mediums comes at the top priority in handling the artworks. Such as oil paintings, acrylic painting and textile are very sensitive to the touch of your hand. A slightly pressured touch can ruin the colors.

Similarly, in case of handling paper artworks you must be careful of not touching the drawn part but hold it from edges and bottom. Same goes for photographs. Their glazy material can easily get a fingerprint on. For sculptures and other heavy artworks always be conscious of handling them from firm sides or bottom to be specific.

Professional Help

However, how much you try, take all the necessary precautions, there’s always a chance of a mishap. Thus, trusting professional movers specially in case of handling artworks is a better options. These people have the right tools and training for handling such precious art pieces. On top of that if you try to do it on your own it might prove to be costlier than hiring professionals.

Hence, trust Professional Movers Company in professionally handling artworks moves because it is risky job. And even if something happens you always have an insurance policy offered by the company to bear your lose.

Final Thoughts

Handling and shipping an artwork is quite a technical work, it needs specialization and often a costly job. However, it all counts in investing money in a worthy piece of art work which can prove to be of utter importance in coming years, you never know. Thus, you must take all the necessary precautions and measure to avoid anything from going wrong in the process.

You must learn to handle an art piece before doing it yourself. This article hence guides you on how you can professionally handle artwork. In other case you can always hire a team of professional trained movers to be sure of the safety of your art piece.

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