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How Heavy Is Too Heavy For Movers?

How Heavy Is Too Heavy For Movers

Moving your precious assets can be a daunting task. Things should be packed with care and attention. You do not want to rush at the last moment and pack your boxes carelessly which can definitely be the death of your goods. So, you must think hard and smart before moving.

Usually, what happens is that people buy few boxes without even considering the items they have to move. Eventually, they try to stuff each and every thing in these few boxes to fill them to the full. Your valuables can be damaged in such cases. Plus if the moving box is too heavy it would be utterly difficult to move it from one place to another.

Therefore, we have discussed some essential elements in this article to guide you on how heavy a moving box can be. So let’s dig in.

How Heavy a Moving Box Should Be?

Ideally, a moving box should not weigh more than 40-50 pounds, regardless of its size. If the items inside weighs more than 50 lb. the cardboard box will not be able to bear the wear and tear of moving around. It would not sustain for long and will soon rip off.

Moreover, if the moving box is too heavy it would be difficult to move it by a person. A hand or two would be needed to even lift it to the truck as well.

Here a pro tip would be to keep the weight of a moving box under 50 lb. to easily move it without any help or damage.

However, the maximum weight that a moving box can hold efficiently depends on the size of the box.

The moving boxes varies in sizes and dimensions and it is necessary to know the basics before packing:

1.5-2.0 Cubic Feet Moving Boxes

The smallest moving boxes come in the size of 2.0 cubic feet max. They are commonly called “Book Boxes”. These boxes are ideal for stuffing small items like books, frames, utensils, small appliances, small personal belongings and other kitchen items.

Such boxes can carry up to 65 pounds, nevertheless you should keep the weight to an ideal 50 lb. to avoid any damage.

3.0-4.5 Cubic Feet Moving Boxes

The medium boxes ranges between 3.0 cubic feet to 4.5 in capacity. These are the most commonly used moving boxes. They are best for keeping larger but lighter items like: toys, towels, pots and pans, clothing, linens, small electronics and other homely stuff.

Although, they are larger in size the maximum weight of these medium moving boxes should be under 50 lb. as well.

6.0 Cubic Feet Moving Boxes

These are the largest moving boxes in size which are best suitable for bulkier goods such as: cushions, blankets, pillows and sheets, art works and other home decors. Kitchen appliances and athletic equipment that are not too heavy can also be carried in this size of moving boxes.

However, it is advised to place flatter items like cushions and blankets on the bottom of the carton to support the cardboard lining instead of keeping items first which leave void in between. Plus don’t forget to keep the weight to an ideal measure.

Dish Packs

In addition to all of these sizes, Dish Packs are another variant of these moving boxes that comes with double the thickness of a usual cardboard box. And because of it, this box can carry up to 120 lb. per box. So they can be used to move a bit heavier objects like dishes and heavy electronic appliances.

Work Smart Not Hard

Moving is definitely a tiring job but it can be made easier by working smartly. You must know the basics before you start packing physically. These guidelines will help you pack your stuff like a professional. Consider the size chart of different moving boxes and accordingly the maximum weight they can carry before you pack like a noob and regret losing your precious belonging in the process.

And, prefer buying these moving boxes from a moving company rather than opting for local hardware job. They are durable and will keep the items safe from any damage.

In The End!

Now that you know how heavy a moving box should weigh, what boxes to choose and how to keep your stuff safe during moving you must pack your things following the given instructions to avoid losing your worthy items.

Nonetheless, the best option would be to hire a moving team to pack and move your belongings safely rather than doing it yourself. Experienced and professional workers at Professional Moving Company can do the task for you. Choose us and stop worrying over the moving process cause your valuables will be in the safe hands.

You must bear the emotional weight of moving only let us do the physical job!

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